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Carolyn Bennett (Nielsen Formerly Sciarra)

Carolyn Bennett (Nielsen Formerly Sciarra)

The following article, submitted by Nick Pavlakovich, appeared in the Lively Living Accents section of the Albuquerque Tribune in the Chatterbox Column by Betty Alexander on March 17, 1971:

A former resident has become the first woman agricultural biologist in the State of California. Since Mrs. Louis Sciarra (known here by her maiden name of Carolyn Bennett) passed competitive examinations for the position, one other woman also has been named.

When Carolyn visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Carey Bennett, here earlier this month she danced with the Elizabeth Waters Dance Concert at Popejoy Hall. Dancing was one of Carolyn's interests during the five years she attended UNM...She graduated with a double degree in biology and chemistry.

When Carolyn was at Valley High School she was a winner at two science fairs. In her senior year, she won a first place in biology at the regional science fair. The honor brought with it a scholarship from the Atomic Engery Commission.

Only 24, the pretty blonde became interested in biology through her father, who is with the Department of the Interior.

Working at Escondido, near San Diego, where her husband is executive director of the Boy's Club of Carlsbad, Carolyn saw an ad for the job in the newspaper, applied for the job and was surprised when she passed the test.

Part of her duties include checking the post office for incoming plants which may be under quarantine. She must check pest control operators, check standardization, check seeds and grains for noxious weeds and termination dates, and citrus and avocados for frost damage.

Via a shortwave radio in her car, she hurries throughout the area to answer quarantine checks so that plants can be released for sale.

Carolyn's job is one of the more exciting that is opening up to young women with the equal rights legislation.