Welcome Letter

 Hello Valley High School (ABQ) 1964 Graduates!

Updated on August 7, 2019

Welcome Fellow Vikings! 

This is YOUR website.   We want you to get comfortable, so grab a cup of coffee turn on some oldies music then start clicking on the menue tabs and look around.  

- To register for the first time: Go to your profile page and fill it in ( just click on the 'Classmates Profiles' tab on the upper left and then click on your name).  You'll be directed to some pages to enter your information.  Don't worry about privacy, by default, only Classmates can see your 'profile page' information and the 'contact information' page is used only for contacting you (only a site admin can access it)

When you're finished, a note is automatically sent to the website admins and one of them will confirm your data (to make sure you're real and not a web spammer) and then they will validate your profile.  That usually takes a day or so.  The links and pages with asterisks won't work till your sign-in is 'validated'.  Sorry about the delay but this is to protect our website from spammers and hackers,

- Once that's done, you can come back and use the entire site.  You can reconnect with some old friends (only if you want to), or just check out the pictures and info your fellow classmates have posted.  

This site is also designed to be informative and tell you about events coming up (such as the 55th Reunion), and also to let you share some information (but only if you want to..) and let you find out what your classmates have been up to since graduation. 

Important: After you sign in, you will receive an email from us asking you to verify that you want to recieve emails from the site.  Please click and return so that we may keep you informed about future details.  The website can't keep you updated if you don't take this step.  Contact us if you have questions about this or any other website feature.  Click here to Contact us 

- You can send messages, privately, or publicly to any classmate (who has joined and been validated).  You can post your own pictures on your profile page or you can send us Valley pics that we'll post in the Photo Gallery.  This website keeps evolving as we get more people and input; we have over 1000 pages you can look at.  Keep checking back!  And please post a picture or two, it's easy and your classmates will really enjoy the connection, it's one of the reasons classmates keep coming back to the website.  We love the pictures!  Don't be afraid to brag a little and share some fun moments from your life, we've all earned that privilige at this point in our lives!  And you can't break the website, it's 'grandparent' proof!

We want you to feel comfortable with 'your' website.  This website is private to classmates, and we are a friendly bunch. So, say 'hi' to sombody...  If it takes a while for them to get back to you, don't worry, some of us are a bit slow on emails.

Please remember, we screen the initial sign-in, so that only our clasmates have access to our profile information; we're sorry for that delay to all newcomers.  While you wait for validation, only some of the pages are open to you.  The Home page can be seen by the public (and a few other pages like this page) but the details on the rest of the site are only for validated members of our class, so what you put onto your profile page is only for you and your fellow classmates.

We’re glad you found us and hope you pass this location on to other Class of ’64 members you might still be in touch with. Watch this website for further details. Feel free to contact us, we're the Class of ’64 Reunion Committee and we want to hear from you.  Click here to Contact anyone on the Reunion Committee


 Go Vikings!

Link to further details on how to use the website



Important:  We are trying to get every classmate's name on our website, but our lists may be incomplete.  If we missed your name, we sincerely apologize.  Please contact us at the link above, and we'll get it fixed pronto.  If we've missed someone you know, please send us their name and we'll have them added.  Thanks for the help!