It was 1964 and anything was possible; our dreams were young and we could change the world.  In fact, we already had; we were the Baby Boomer Generation and we had energy, love and unfailing optimism.  In the next decade, everything would change and we would change with it.  

But every future has a past, and ours was....   Amazing!

Take a look at some newsclips from back then:


Do You Remember:


No School in Albuquerque had Students like Ours!  

Peggy Jo Dietmeier barrel racing in Ft Sumner rodeo.













Our Exchange Student

Ingrid Holm from Sweden, was born a Viking








One of Many Awards for Our Classmate

Michael Lowry








Our Exceptional Principal Ralph Dixon



Our Classmates Excel in Every Way



We could Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk


And Our Cheerleaders were 'The Best'!