Alvarado School

Alvarado Elementry School 2nd Grade Train trip to Lamy, NM


Here's a list of the people we can identify in the picture, help us out if you recognize anyone we can't.


1st Row:  (1) ?,  (2) Susan Fulton, (3) Jim Herring, (4) Jerry Speers, (5) Steve Horcheimer,  (6) Dick Perce, (7) Marco Vallecorse,  (8) Possibly Billy Bob Humphries, (9) Donald Whitehead
2nd Row:  (1) Sally Spitz, (2) Kathy Middlesworth, (3) Flora Castro, (4)  Diane Foster, (5) Connie (LNU),  (6) Corrine (LNU), (7) Patsy Williams (8) Sally Mattingly, (9) Maryanne Boxberger
3rd Row:  (1) Bobby George, (2) Evelyn Canfield, (3) ? can't make out, (4) Lorraine Schaefer, (5) Virgina Lee Jones, (6) Mike Matthews, (7) ?,  (8) Keith or Kenny Middlesworth, 
4th,  Back Row:  (1) Keith or Kenny Middlesworth, (2) Billy Laswell, (3) Hugh Formhals, (4) Mark Hopkins, (5) Bobby George,  (6) ?,  (7) Possibly Pete Roper,  (8) Mikell Becker,  (9) Neil Rudolph
If you have any photo's from the past that we could entertain our classmates with, please let us know and we'll see if we can post them.  Alvarado was not the only elementry school feeding Valley High, anyone have pictures from others?  Taft, Garfield?