Reunion Committee*

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Tony Scarton (& Judy)       505-400-9181

Mikell Becker                    805-895-9358

Ed Vaillancourt (& Suzie)*  505-235-7505

Bob Lowder (& Sally)*        505-228-3184

Glenn Fellows (& Patricia)    505-228-5338

John Leslie (& Kay)             505-344-9118

Lorraine Schaefer (Farrell)  505-831-4361

Norma Chavez (Alfaro)       505-836-1306

Pat Padilla (Hubble)             505-238-9893

Rose Tagliaferri (Fulton)       505-344-6704   

Mike Byrnes                       505-331-2848

John Budagher (& Sandi)    505-264-2009

Steve Horchheimer               505-239-0876

Donna Finke (Balduini)          505-934-4054

Lou Hoffman (& Marcia)         505-293-1267

Ray Gere (& Elaine)              505-466-0129

Carol Leopold (Bennefield)       505-866-1617 

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The following pictures of our Reunion Committtee are in Chronological order                                spanning well over 20 years, with the most recent first.                            (Class Photograper - Sally Lowder)



Reunion Committee at Tony Scarton's House July 9, 2022

(l to r) Norma Chavez, Kay Leslie, Mike Byrnes, Donna Finke, Tony Scarton, John Leslie


July 9, 2021 Tony's House

Lou Hoffman, Lorraine Schaefer, Bob Lowder


July 9, 2021 Tony's House

Carol Leopold, Angela Horchheimer, Steve Horchheimer, Suzanne Vaillancourt, Ed Vaillancourt


July 9, 2022 Tony's House

Ed Vaillancourt, Tony Scarton, Lorraine Schaefer, Bob Lowder, Judy Scarton


Reunion Committee meeting Sept of '19 preparing for 55th Reunion


                                                                 Sept '19 55th Reunion Meeting                                                                              We actually make Reunion plans between drinks and meals


Pat, Lou and Rose....the enchaladas were great!


Sept of '19 55th Reunion planning.  The work gets done between the storytelling.


September 2015 - Preparation meeting for Class Picnic in October



Diane Baker-Olsen (RIP)  demonstrates proper Viking attire

Your Reunion Committee, hard at work prior to 50th reunion


Our Class President Tony, still working for the class.  50+ years...a record!


Mikell and Lou, at a commitee, meeting!  Really...It's a MEETING! lol 


Christmas Committee Meeting, a 'few' years ago


                                          Another Committee, Meeting?   Yup!                                           We've been doing this for decades must be fun!!