55 Year Reunion Letter

55 Year Reunion Letter

Dear Classmates:


Can you believe?  It's been 55 years since our graduation from Valley High!   For that matter, it's even harder to believe that five years have passed since our great 50th reunion gathering. And yet here we are, still standing (mostly) and it's time to come together again while we still can.  If the Rolling Stones can still go on tour... we can still have a party!


A number of classmates have asked if there is a plan for our 55th year, and yes... your reunion committee is alive and in the mood for a fun gathering. There WILL be a 55 year reunion! We are also thinking that we'll do something less formal and grand this time; hopefully making it a party that will be very low cost and easy for everyone to attend.


So, OK...when? More than half the year has gotten away already (did somebody speed up the clock??  Wow!) The actual date will depend somewhat on the venue, but most likely in November.  That's still a couple months, but not so far out that people will forget (that was a joke, we're all still sharp as a tack... mostly.  Ok, an old tack ).


Our plan is very simple:  low cost, easy access, happening in a couple months and a laid back atmosphere.  


We want to build this around making it easy for as many of us to attend as possible. The items described above were proposed by the committee and others who have asked for another get together. We're hoping all of you will agree.


So, to plan a venue and all the details, we need a rough idea of how many might attend. We're reaching out for a 'hands in the air' idea of your general interest, and we'll go from there. 

No guaranteed commitments are required from you, just a 'yeah, I'd like to try to be there'. That's good enough for us.  We have a simple survey we're sending out that will make it easy for you and us.


Also, if we make it simple, e.g. easy drinks (beer, wine, soda) and maybe some BBQ, along with a low key sound and music plan, we might even pull this off with a no cost to attend. Especially, if we have a little help from some of our past generous donor classmates. No promises, now - but that's what we're aiming for.  Free is always a nice option and we're hoping to offer that.


We just need YOU to attend, to make it a real gathering. We are all saddened each time we lose someone; frankly, it just makes getting together that much more important.  And it's that time thing again, the days do seem to fly by as we get older. 


Please make a plan to attend, those who have attended in the past have said unanimously that it's been more fun than they ever thought it would be.  If you think you won't know anybody, you're wrong.  We all know who we are and we're family now.


And if you're even worried about how you look, forget it, lol ...

As unbelievable as it may seem We're all a little bit worn and frayed these days (that was kind, wasn't it?), but the twinkle in our eyes and our shared past memories still remain. We may look old and rusty to our children and grandchildren, but to each other... we're still those young rebellious teenagers from the '60's. 


Vikings forever!


Tony Scarton

and the Class of '64 Reunion Committee


PS  If you didn't click on the survey link above, it will be sent out in another letter as well.