September 2014*



It's Here:

Our reunion is just a few days away (Friday September 19, 20) and the Reunion Committee is pretty excited as we take care of the final plans.  It’s not too late to register online Click Here with a credit card, or you can pay at the door (Friday is no problem, but we have a limited number of extra seats for Saturday).

We’ve tried hard to keep our event open, clear through to the last minute; and the Resort has been very gracious in helping.  We have almost 150 people attending, but it won’t be quite complete without you.  Join us!


I’m Too Old to Go:

Although, we’ve heard that from a couple of you, it’s just not true.  None of us look like we did in High School, so you can forget about worrying about that extra weight and the bald head, and the hearing aid!  Trust us, we all look a lot different; and we’re just happy to see you, no matter what shape you’re in. 

One classmate said at the last reunion: “Looks like my parents and grandparents came to my reunion!”  And, yeah we all do look like that.  But we still know how to have a good time and we actually have more in common today than we did in High School.  Living 50 years beyond High School has given us all experiences that we share.  Come and tell your story; we listen better at this age, too (we have to, some of us don’t hear as well).  Join the party!  We guarantee that you’ll be happy you came.


I really wish I could come, but…:

For those who truly can’t make it: We will miss having you there; but we haven’t forgotten about you!  We’re going to take lots of pictures and some video and we’ll be posting it on the website in the weeks ahead. 

We know that not everyone can come, but we do want everyone to be a part of this milestone, so we’ll be doing what we can to give you a ‘virtual’ Reunion, after the Reunion.  Keep checking the website in the weeks after the reunion. 

And for a starter, we put a video of “The Lights of Albuquerque” song and some great photos of Albuquerque lights on one of our photo pages Click Here  Take a look and listen, you’ll be back in Albuquerque faster than you can click your heels and say: ‘There’s no place like Albuquerque’.


Hospitality Suite:

Thanks to the generosity of a few of our classmates and help from Bob Lowder and George Cunningham, we will have a room designated as a Hospitality Suite on Saturday afternoon. 

George has a couple sons that produce world class adult beverages: Spirits and beers.  And they have the awards to prove it.  George has graciously offered to provide samples to any classmates that would like to stop by.  The party begins here!

We’ll post the Suite room number on our website home page as soon as we get it.  And we’ll announce the Hospitality suite room and times at the Friday night event.



Speaking of George and Bob…we have a large number of classmates who have donated to the reunion, including a few who aren’t even attending (how’s that for real class!). 

The cost of this event actually exceeded what we are charging you.  We wanted to keep the prices the same as 10 years ago; so, our sponsors are making up the difference.  Please look at the Sponsor page and then tell them thank you.  They’ll also have Name badges indicating ‘Sponsor’ at the events.

So, please go here: (Click Here), to see the list of classmates that have really made all this possible.  Not everyone can do this, we know; but if you would like to join this list of special folks who are helping everyone, you can donate online with a credit card in the same place (Click Here),.  These folks are the real ‘Class Heroes’.  Thanks to all of them!


See You At the Party:

For those who are attending, we’ll see you there.  For those who can’t come, we’ll see you online.  The party is really in both places.

Thanks from the committee for being the best class Valley has ever had.  We’ll see you very soon!