Veterans Day -  November 10, 2017


A Salute To Our Veterans

Today we take time to honor and celebrate the men and women of America who have made sacrifices, so that we can stand and declare our freedom to the world and demonstrate our willingness to defend it at any cost.

While the ultimate sacrifice is the one given most tribute in our memorials and parades, it’s the quiet will, the honor and personal sacrifice that define the American veteran, today and every day.

To our classmates who have served, we are especially grateful; your return from service was not always what it should have been.  But your honor and sacrifice are fully recognized today, and we as a class salute you and want you to know that you make us proud. 

Though arguments and dissent have always been a part of the American landscape, it is you, our veterans who have always kept this right for all Americans to enjoy and hopefully we will guard and cherish it for the generations who follow.

‘Thank you for your service..’ is heard often these days and some wonder if our vets are tired of hearing something that comes so easily to the lips to describe something that was so much harder to do. 

We should remind ourselves that the words are not only for the vet, but to remind the speaker that they are respecting the best part of America: the part that’s seen every time there’s a disaster, a noble cause, or a reason to help the weak and suffering.  Our veterans embody that self-sacrifice that’s so American. It’s what makes them worth honoring and celebrating.  And worth remembering…

To the veterans from our class, and all those who have served and are serving today: We stand to salute you.  Thank you from a great and grateful country!

A Moment of Truth

You Will Not Be Forgotten