'After the Reunion' Letter


We were represented from Washington to Florida and California to New York.  Classmates traveled from 17 states to make the events so special.  It is pretty impressive that people really made the effort to get here. Some drove countless hours and some even had flight delays.  To all who made the journey--thank you!

Friday night found almost 150 people at the exclusive private pavillion of Cottonwood.  It is tucked away in the bosque next to the Rio Grande with a beautiful view of the majestic Sandias.  Thanks to the extra-large name tags, we renewed friendships and everyone was genuinely happy to see each other.  We had the Valley cheerleaders lead us in a couple of cheers and were serenaded by the "Fitzgerald Four".  The night seemed to fly by.

Saturday evening was held at The Hummingbird Pavillion. The perimeter is surrounded by eight foot adobe walls with cobblestone walkways and a lovely rose garden.  The lights twinkled like stars above and the cool breeze made for a perfect setting.  We square-danced, twisted, and rocked the night away!   Even the young wait staff were impressed with all the moves of the "old folks"!  The cheerleaders lead us in a mini-pep rally and we had a surprise visit from three "cheerleaders" from 1964 who lead us in the Valley Fight Song. Lots of laughter and fun.

Good food and music transported us all back to familiar place in time.   Old memories were certainly the main topic of both evenings.  The "long term memory" kicked in and great stories were heard everywhere--from pranks--to teachers--to drag races on Chavez Road.

Wristbands with "Valley Vikings Forever" were worn by all to honor our Military Heroes and for classmates we have lost.   We even had 55 people show up for a Valley Campus Tour.  Lots of changes over 50 years and also lots of nostalgia.

People have been so generous with sponsorships and donations allowing us to keep the pricing the same as the 40th Reunion.  We raffled great prizes that ranged from restaurant gift cards to VHS wine.  Everyone even received a souvenir Viking T-Shirt as they left the venue.

Ed Vaillancourt and his team have committed to keep the fabulous website up and running as long as funds hold out.  We are astonished by the number of people logging in on a regular basis.  It is a wonderful way to keep in touch and re-connect with old friends.  Just because the reunion is over, please keep us updated on your activities and adventures.  The photo additions are always welcomed, so keep posting.  Ed will be uploading more photos and the terrific video that played both nights, so keep checking back.

I personally want to thank the largest Reunion Committee ever and their spouses for all their efforts in making our golden anniversary truly golden and special. They worked tirelessly over 2 1/2 years to make both evenings memorable and the outcome was perfect.  Some of the comments we heard most were  "Party of the century" , "Wish it was longer", "Loved the resort venue",  "So great to see everyone" ,and even "Iconic"!!

We have already been hearing lots of buzz for the next reunion in five years.  Possibly a cruise--so start saving because it will be another outstanding party.

The journeys we have all experienced are wide and varied--but we will always have a common thread of Albuquerque and Valley High School to stay connected.  Again to each of you--"THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES"…..

Until next time,

Tony Scarton - 1964 Senior Class President