55 Year Reunion Survey

To help the Reunion Committee plan our 55 year reunion, we need a rough idea of how many of us may attend.

By clicking 'Yes' down below, you are in no way obliged to come!  We'd like to see everybody there, but we know plans change and we're just getting an idea about how everyone feels about a reunion this year.  We WILL have the reunion, small or large, so no worries...... Hope you don't miss it!

A reminder:  We're not like Facebook!  Your answers are private. only you and the site admins (2) can see them.  The total numbers and unsigned comments will be reported to the Reunion Committee, there will be no names attached.  Your privacy remains a primary concern for this website.


PS  Yes, you can come back to your survey answers at a later date and make changes.




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1)   Answer below whether you think you'll be able to attend the reunion this November. You can change your mind at any time.


By answering 'Yes', you are not making an obligation to come.

Also, answering 'No' does not mean you can't change your mind and come to the reunion anyway. You'll always be welcome.
2)   If you answered 'No' and you'd like to tell us why you've decided not to come, it would be valuable information for the committee and we thank you for the input. Again, your name would not be used when we report results to the committee.

For example:
"It's too far to travel to Albuquerque at this time"
"Date planned doesn't work"
"My skateboard is broken, no transportation"

You get the idea, lol.
3)   We'd like to have your feedback. This is the place for comments on what we're planning, or on anything we might have missed.

4)   We're trying to make this a 'no cost to classmates' gathering. Obviously, there will be costs to do this, so if you'd like to be a donor (large or small) we'd love to have your help. You can be: listed or anonymous. And if you've helped in the past...THANK YOU!!