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Official Website for VHS Class of 64

Updated July 5, 2020


......Happy Birthday America......


As we celebrate the Birthday of the USA during these turbulent times,

it's important to remember that we have weathered many storms,

battles, and hardships; and we have always come through.   

Remembering that our Flag still proudly proclaims:

'America stands for Liberty... and Justice for All.'


Our class has seen presidents fall, nations tremble,

and tears shed  for those who gave everything for... America. 



And today, it still proudly waves for what's right and good,

in ALL Americans.


We must always remember our past...

because our past helps us strive to make our future even better.


Nothing in life is perfect, not even in this great land...

But our class vowed to make it better when we graduated...

and, through our children and more, we are not done yet!


May God Bless America and lead us to a better future

Happy Birthday, USA...



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And Many More to Come!



If you missed our Veterans Tribute, you can find it here:

Tribute to Our Veterans




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