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•   Shari Weichman (Croker)  7/29
•   Mikell Becker  7/28
•   Gary Bland  7/28
•   Pat Airy (Webster)  7/12
•   Ed Vaillancourt  7/8
•   Linda Calderon (Martin)  7/4
•   Katherine Zachary (Lowry)  6/24
•   Charles Barone  5/26
•   Leslie Fluke  5/22
•   Dawn Higgins  5/20
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Updated July 9, 2015             

 Official Website for VHS Class of 64

!!!  There's a Picnic planned for October 2015 !!!

Click here for details




New Bulletin Board for Classmates

Click Here ⇒     Bulletin Board                     


Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for all details

(*Note to visitors: Links and pages marked with asterisks* are available only to signed in and validated Classmates.  Visitors please check details in this link)



Do You Remember  



It was 1964 and anything was possible; our dreams were young and we could change the world.  In fact, we already had; we were the Baby Boomer Generation and we had energy, love and unfailing optimism.  In the next decade, everything would change and we would change with it.  

But every future has a past, and ours was....   Amazing!

Take a look at some newsclips from back then:


                     Remember 'Yesterday'                                                   

                                      Click Here     .                                                   










**This Web site is completely free to all Class of 64 Valley classmates.  The website is run by your classmates, not by a 'for profit corporation'.  All the information and pictures for the recent (Sept 2014) 50th reunion are on this website.  Also many pictures provided by your classmates are viewable on classsmates profiles when you sign in (and have been validated).  You'll also find pictures from many previous reunions. 


We have 168 classmates signed on to our website.  Join us! 

Go Vikings!



 Our Website has had 36340 visits since we started up in September 2012









Hi everyone!
I've gone through boxes of photos and ran across some from our 30 and 40 year reunions. When my kids go through my treasures they won't known or care about these pictures, and probably trash them. If possible I would like give them to the families
That would appreciate them as some are of schoolmates no longer with us .
Please let me know . Thanks
Tree Easley cell 505-331-0050


Today, July 13th is Big John Moser's 69th birthday....when he split this mortal coil, on New Year's Eve, '73,

I personally lost my very best pal & Bro-In-Law too....not a single day passes that his always, most positive influence doesn't enter into my being.... named my youngest son, in his honour as well....not ironically, Johnny-D, his namesake, is more than similar in his life's way!!

Sooo, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS, AMIGO's more than good to have you in my life 42-yrs. later!!!

Be sure to read about the upcoming picnic in October


I just posted several photos from the VHS luncheon we had on Jun 10. on my profile page. It was great company and great fun!! Thanks everyone for coming!

Pat Airy Webster